Night High School Football

I shot a high school  football game tonight.  I can remember in the old days pushing Tri X black and white film to an ASA of 1200 and developing it specially.  No matter what you did you had a lot of grain.  We call that noise today.

Tonight I shot these 4 images at ISO 10000 (ASA was changed to ISO, ASA stood for American Standards Association and  ISO stands for International Standards Organization).

 I am always surprised how little noise you have and the noise I did have I corrected in Photoshop with the Plugin by Topaz, DeNoise. 


Practicing Retouching

Since getting back from PSW in Vegas, I have been spending time looking at Glyn Dewis' workshop on processing the image he calls the editor.  Today I worked with an image I took while attending Texas Schools of Photography in Arlington, Texas this summer. 

One of the instructors walked into our class where Joel Grimes was instructing us in using his technique for shooting portraits using a three light setup.   

I have included images showing Joel shooting with his 3 light setup, screen shots from Lightroom 5 and PS CC and my final processed image.   I did not use the final step in Glyn's process to create the "cartoonish look".  I did with his RAW image in the tutorial.  I felt this image did not warrant a cartoonish look.  



On the way to PSW I watched Glyn Dewis' video workshop on how to retouch his image he calls "The Editor."  The download comes with a raw file for the student to work with.   I watched all the instructions and I have just completed my first try at using Glyn's method of creating a "cartoon look."  I had the pleasure of meeting Glyn in Vegas and I was able to express to him my thanks for all he is doing to help teach us all to become better at our craft.  Here is the image raw and retouched.


Photoshop World 2013

NAPP's Photoshop World Las Vegas 2013 wrapped up today.  It always seems that time flies when you are doing something you enjoy so much.  I need some time to collect my thoughts and consider all that I was taught.  My head seems to be spinning with an overload of information.  I would greatly encourage anyone that wants to learn the correct way to develop their skills in retouching,  making images by learning what it takes to make a good exposure and control of the light to do what ever it takes to come to a Photoshop World Conference and Expo.  The next one is April 8-10, 2014 in Atlanta.

I have posted some images I shot yesterday.  I was able to meet up again with Joel Grimes and he did an outstanding job teaching what he knows best, compositing made simple and giving his incite in what it take to be successful in the business of photography.  I was able to meet Glyn Dewis and tell him how much I appreciated his work and thank him for sharing his knowledge on his blog and through his training videos.   

I am already looking forward to Atlanta.  I hope to see you there. 

NAPP 2013 Las Vegas

What a great beginning to Photoshop World Las Vegas 2013.  I met lots of people and talked photography, Photoshop, Lightroom and how to become more creative in making images.  What a great day.

The theme of this years conference was "Top Gun".  The opening ceremony began with a video with all the Photoshop guys playing parts in a take off of the movie Top Gun.  The video  ended with the guys walking out on stage. 

There were awards from Canon for the best image created in their pre-conference workshop and an award for the best Concert photo taught by Scott Diussa and Alan Hess in their workshop.  The Guru awards were presented  

Adobe left me with my mouth open with some announcement about what is in development for photographers in the very near future.  I saw lots of internationally known photographers and got to meet Glyn Dewis and talk to him.  Here are some of the images from the conference opening and the day's sessions.


Sedona Workshop with Canon's Explorer of Light

I first got into digital photography about two years ago.  One of the first things I did was go to a workshop put on by Canon.  Bruce Dorn, DGA was the instructor.  The workshop was held in Sedona.  Models were provided and we had time both in the classroom and shooting.  All of the Canon instructors are given the title explorers of light.  That is just what we did.  We talked about different lighting conditions and we shot in different conditions.  It was an outstanding learning experience.   

Today, over a year after the workshop, I started looking at some of my images.  I have been spending a lot of time learning not only how to capture the images in the camera, but how to process them after we have loaded them on the computer from the memory card.  I am going to show you the same image before and after processing.  I guess that is probably the most fascinating thing to me is the control you have after the image has been shot.  Thanks Bruce Dorn for the time you took with us all.  I will continue to explore the light with you. 

Rick Sammon's Workshop

I have just finished attending Rick Sammon's and Glenn Taylors workshop here in Atlanta.  I had a great time meeting learning how to shoot HDR images.  I learned a lot not only from Rick and Glenn but from the other photographers attending the workshop.  What a great way to improve your skills.  I highly recommend attending one of Rick's workshops.  He spends lots of time with each attendee and is compassionate about teaching.  He will truly teach you how to better "explore the light."

An image taken at the Southeast Railway Museum on an old bus.

An image taken at the Southeast Railway Museum on an old bus.