I came home from work on a beautiful sunny day.  My grandson was sitting in a chair playing with his trains, lost his balance and fell.  He immediately started crying.  I opened the door and said outside in an attempt to cheer him up.  Upon hearing these words he ran towards me with his arms outstretched shouting "outside, outside."

My daughter saw us playing and came out to join us. Ryker looked at the hot tub and said, "bubbles."  Kelsey said, "That's a great idea."  In just a few minutes she returned with a bubble gun and the magic ingredient to create lots of bubbles.  In a matter of seconds we were in business.  As soon as I saw the expression on his face and the bubbles floating through the air I knew we had the recipe for some great photos.

Photographers have a tendency to plan out location, posing, equipment and all the details of a shoot days prior to the event.  Today I learned that spontaneously capturing real life moments can make great images that I will cherish for a lifetime.