Photoshop World 2014 Atlanta

I recently was in Atlanta for my 4th PSW and participated in the Canon Workshop pre-conference.  We were able to shoot in a 8000 square foot studio and models were provided.

Here are two images.  One is prior to Scot Kelby retouching techniques and the other is after processing.

Click on the image to go from unprocessed to finished.

Post Processing

I started working on an image I made in San Francisco this summer.  The difference between the initial in camera file and the end image is amazing.  I used some plug ins by Topaz and Nik Collection.  I started in Lightroom 5 and did some work in Photoshop CC.


Plug Ins

I shot a Jr. High football game yesterday and after sorting through the images I decided to play around some with some of my plug ins.  I have two images below. One of the images  was only corrected in Lightroom 5 and the other, after being corrected in LR 5, was adjusted using Topaz Adjust Spicify to create the finished image.  I am continually amazed about how much creative control and the ability to change the final image we have in this day and age.  Digital images lend themselves to manipulation that could not be imagined during the silver halide days.

Testing the Canon 400mm f2.8 lens

I received from CPS today a loaner lens, the 400mm f 2.8 lens.  I took it out to the park just to play around with it.  Here are a few images from my 45 minutes of playing with the lens.  I used a monopod to help with focusing and keeping the images sharp.  I used my 1 DX camera. 

Bird Shots

I was waiting to take pictures of my grandchildren riding on the carousel at Magic Kingdom when these two guys showed up to eat up some of the crumbs left in the stroller.  

Disney Parade

One of the things I enjoyed the most on our trip to Disney  was going to the Magic Kingdom Parade.  My wife and my grandson Ryker sweated it out sitting in the sun to view some of the floats and Disney characters as they walked past us in about 10-15 minutes.   I can't imagine how hot those in the parade must have been.

Here are a few of those images. 

Animal Kingdom HDR

The other day my family and I spent some of our Disney Vacation at Animal Kingdom.  I ended up taking lots of pictures of those scenes that most would take being at Animal Kingdom.   I took some fairly good shots of my kids and family on rides and recognizable  areas of the park.  

The final image is and image I would have never thought about shooting until I took a workshop directed by Rick Sammon and discovered the magic of HDR images.  In Atlanta Rick opened my eyes to  a potential image  I would have never imagined possible.  By exposing 3 images to cover the highlights and shadows you are able to create an image that is not possible by just one exposure. Here are the three images shot in my camera with one being what the light meter thought was a normal exposue and then one image 2 stops over exposed and one 2 stops under exposed and the final image a combination of all 3 images processed in Lightroom 5 and Photomatix.